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"to be one of the driving forces to lead continental africa to economic emancipation by connecting personal and corporate interests in the research and development of enterpreneurship"


"to raise the entrepreneurial and investment potential index of budding and discerning entrepreneurs through a well articulated research work(s) and effective developmental programmes"



  • Universal prosperity for all
  • Diligence in our work
  • Integrity in our dealings
  • Excellence in our output

THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION FOR ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT is an incorporated trustee of the federal republic of Nigeria with registration number-CAC/IT/90593

The underlying philosophy of the heritage Foundation for entrepreneurship development is to drive the quest of enterprising the nation. At The heart of our activities is the desire to provide creativity and flexibility to complement the efforts of governments, local and international organizations in their drives to meet targets on sustainable millennium development goals as it concerns job creation through micro and small scale enterprise. And we believe the smart way to achieve this is to tap into the inspiration and experiences of a network of seasoned businessmen, technocrats, academia and other interest groups and compel them to bring something to the high-table through a well articulated and coordinated network. Thus, we constantly seek out and welcome opportunities for collaboration and partnership in our research works, training programmes and internship scheme
The heritage foundations network model is a tripartite concept to inspire, train and empower. To achieve these laudable goals, we have designed and developed world class products and platforms. We rightly and proudly promote enterprise as a means of livelihood and lifestyle most suitable for the 21st century generation. We believe this kind of creative campaign and promotion will inspire our teaming youths and provide both training and empowerment platforms.
We are structured as a multi-platform unit that thrives on network, collaboration and partnerships.. We have positioned the outfit to be flexible and handy for networking and collaboration with governments, organizations and individuals. So we believe it is of essence for private people with public interest to take up public responsibility to extend government reach. These we have done by bringing in our personal experiences and inspiration to create these products and platforms
Our cutting-edge approach is the application of life style management concept in the design and development of our products and platforms to capture the peculiarities of our target groups and that's what stands us out. The life style management concept approach is an improvement from the conventional holistic approach. With this advanced concept we are able to categorize the public and match their needs with specific products and platforms. Each platform and products is designed as a solution to a target group. And this is what makes the heritage foundation network model unique. We have dug deeper than anyone else and we have discovered that for every individual there is an ambition and a lifestyle to match.