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The tomorrow's People

Published on 2016-12-10

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Society should be in a constant progressive motion to better mankind that is why change management is appealing as the best concept to meet up with our ever dynamic society. The change management mantra is appealing because it does not only deal with the present situation it makes use of pro-active as a telescopic tool to deal with the foreseeable future. A look at Africa which Nigeria occupies a leadership position shows that it still retains its pitiable position as the weeping child among comity of nations as it struggles though all ramification of human wellbeing: politics, business, finance, science and technology and human capital development

Alas, they exists two schools of thoughts on the plight of Africa:

The timid school who still hold on to they ever sentimental conspiracy theory that the WEST pauperized Africa and have kept on it through devious manipulation of our body politics, government businesses and finance. But there is a good news, the second school of thought; the millennia group. This group  of brave, dynamic, creative and flexible young Africans believes that the destiny of Africa lies in the hands of Africans because they have been opportune and privileged to see the world from a different prism and perspective and have developed a much welcomed “we too can do it spirit” They believe that with constant constructive input from governments, organizations and individuals, African youths can release and unleash their potentials to lift Africa up.

A New Song

The world is now at ‘par’ brought about by advanced internet and mobile telephone technologies and all that is needed now is for us Africans to raise our energy level to position Africa as an active participant and a bonafide benefactor of the “World Wide Wealth” this is so because the 21st century is just fifteen (15) years old, an opportune century for Africa to catch up with the rest of the world, but we need people and concepts to drive that vision. We are one of such people - The tomorrow's people.

Written by: Reuben-Laurence Nzewi

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