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The heritage international centre for continuous family business is a platform of the heritage foundation for entrepreneurship development. The purpose of this platform is to complement and augment the efforts of governments in the area of job creation through micro, small and medium scale enterprise. The overriding objective is to help families and their businesses prosper and transcend from one generation to another. We understand that it is not in the purview of the government to create a commission or department to oversee the challenges faced by businesses in the area of successful business succession. So we have taking up the challenge. In retrospect, ownership and Leadership transition in family businesses is messy and complex processes that affect the family's socio-psychological and economic wellbeing. The HICCFB is a five star economic platform specifically design to focuses on Wealth Transfer Management Concept& strategies. A close observation will show you that 80% or more of businesses in Nigeria and other Sub-Sahara African nation dies with the demise of their owner e. This phenomenon is inherent in our family/ social structure and orientation. Though it has not been brought to the front burner of public discourse and debate but it is a challenge that is going against our drive to create and sustain wealth. Most affected are private businesses in the categories of micro, small and medium scales. We at heritage foundation fully understand the parameter of nation building as a synergy and collaboration of positive forces ;( inputs) of governments, organizations and individuals as the building blocks of developments. The heritage international centre for continuous family business is an open protocol membership association dedicated to helping families and businesses overcome these challenges through public awareness, education, advocacy and management processes by developing and taking them through the rudiments like succession philosophy, succession planning, psycho-cloning and other wealth transfer management strategies. We also seek collaboration with academic institutions in sharing materials and developing local contents that can help individuals overcome this challenge. The HI CCFB will enable our local businesses tap into global knowledge and experiences of business in advanced economic frontiers through;

  1. Monthly online newsletter.
  2. Bi-annual journal publication
  3. Provision of standard materials on family business
  4. yearly state chapter workshop on family business
  5. yearly international conference on family business
  6. Access to global network windows on family business