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Taking human capacity building; leadership and entrepreneurship to the grass roots need a concerted effort. Most often laudable government programmes in this respect especially by federal and state governments ends up in the big cities among the upper and middle class or better still among the politically/socially connected plus the well informed. Yet, we at the heritage foundation will not join the bandwagon in pointing accusing fingers at the government because we understand governance and bureaucracy rather; we elect to help out in dedicating a platform in our multi-platform network to compliment the government efforts. What we are doing is to help re-invent and re-position our various Town Unions as a potent economic force that can drive human capacity building in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership development right at their community levels. One of the ways in which we intend to assist is to use the creativity and flexibility available to us to fine tune a collaborative way of aggregating efforts of organizations and network individuals in the pursuit of such interests.