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In a simple term what we do in opera G5 is to help and link individuals to businesses suitable to their age, life style and ambition. We also provide opportunity for mentorship and internship placement in promotion of our universal prosperity core value paradigm Contact us for internship (apprenticeship) and mentorship placement: 07064286715 :info@heritagefoundation.org The opera G5 is a derivative of life style management concept too. The Opera G5 internship model links diverse set of individuals to the economic grid. The concept is a short, medium and long term business link plan that establishes economic relationship with diverse set of individuals especially those who find themselves in dire socio.- economic transition situation. The opera G5 as a derivative of life style management concept seek to help individuals plan their way to successful entry into the world of enterprise taking into cognizance their personal dynamics: life style, ambitio, age e.t.c. The main thrust of Opera G5 is to provide opportunities for direct or indirect mentorship and apprenticeship for interested individuals.

The Opera G5 have links to five categories of individuals:
GAPS– Graduate Apprenticeship Placement Scheme. Target– Graduates who seek opportunity to enter the world of enterprise.
P-RAPS –Retirees Apprenticeship placement scheme Target- Retirees or out of-jobs who seek opportunity in the field of enterprise.
TH-D – THINK HOME DIASPORA– Target- The TH-D targets those who are living outside the borders of Nigeria and wish to engage themselves in profitable business ventures.
HEDGEPRO – This link is targeted at individuals who currently keeps jobs but seeks multiple income streams through opportunities in enterprise
Z-PREMIUM – This link is targeted to help those sports individuals and artist who have these peculiar challenges of life after-career syndrome.